Saturday, April 16, 2011

Attack of the Killer Tomatos: The title just speaks for itself

OK before I start talking, about this movie, I just explain why this review was late, between me being at work, and my lazy ass watching non-stop One Piece, I just never got around to writing the review. So I’m sorry for the delay.

Now… as for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, what a great film this was. One of the more memorable cult followed movies, for its crazy senses of comedy, and its storyline or lack of one. In a nutshell, the movie was about when a wave of reports of attacks involving people and pets being eaten by the innocent fruit, a special government task force is arranged to investigate the violent fruits and put a stop to their murderous spree.

The Movie wasn’t as successful as it was intended to be but like they say, different stroke for different folks. But to be fair, the movie did have as much going for it compared to a movie like any of the “Naked Gun” movies, the only thing that “Naked Gun” had that more was an awesome actor like Leslie Nelson, R.I.P., this movie has very forgettable characters other than the black guy who dresses like Hitler, and like a tomato. The movie got so popular in the underground, that it spawned 3 sequels, 3 video games, and Saturday Morning cartoon show on fox.
So, the movie starts off with a series of attacks (i.e. a guy dies from drinking tomato juice, a tomato comes in and eats a kid with the grandparents saying “well, they got little Timmy, poor Timmy, they ate him all up” without a care in the world, and tomatoes in the water parodying jaws). After the government hears about this, they try in their best efforts to cover it up by a few different ways of, one of them is to create a task force to stop them consisting of Mason Dixon; an black disguise expert who is seen at various points dressing as, among other things, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler; a Navy diver who never takes off his scuba suit; a Russian Olympic swimmer, who eats steroids; and a parachute-toting soldier. There was a running joke throughout the movie, with a song called “Puberty Love” which was sung by the drummer of both, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Matt Cameron.
Another one of the plans was to hire an advertiser, to sell the tomatoes as  non-threating or least threating as possible, by creating a sticker labeled, STP (Stop Tomato Program)  and  by talking about how you are more like to die in a car crash, cancer & natural causes combined then by a tomato. Meanwhile while this is happing, there’s an assassin trying to kill Mason Dixon, and winds-up killing about 3 other bystanders. After that, there’s a long winded chase between the assassin and mason.
I don’t want to ruin the ending but, it was a funny movie to watch. I would Highly Recommend it.

4 out of 5 uncaring grandparents.

Friday, February 4, 2011


These last few months, I have been working on a new idea for movie reviews with loneislander. One of the was, What if we reviewed bad movies, but with a positive outlook on them but make it comical. So, we both agreed on the idea, and 2 months later... boom, here we are. Most likely the Reviews are going to either every other saturday, or just every saturday. plus, eventually planning on doing video reviews. so lets just hope for the best.